The App Advantage: iPhone Meeting Planner Apps

Technology, technology, technology... gotta love it. We breathe it here at MPG. No doubt it can be overwhelming at times. There are so many different choices in the way we choose to communicate.

Meeting and Event Planners have so many options at their fingertips, it’s sometimes hard to narrow them down. The latest trend in professional tools that make our life (and jobs) easier are iPhone apps. Many of these apps can be customized to individual meetings, conferences or venues, all in the hopes of improving the attendee experience. Among the many advantages, attendees can view agendas, exhibitor lists, hotel and transportation information - all while tapping into local resources.

Some of the application developers to look for include: "Quick Mobile", "My Mobile Meetings" and "MacroView Labs". These new technologies potentially give Meeting and Event Planners an edge in communicating with attendees while helping producing income and effectiveness before, during and after every event.




Get Wise, Get Wide

Get a huge effect without a huge budget by using one of MPG’s many widescreens with our Vista Spyder System. You can make a widescreen into a backdrop with unlimited potential while overlaying images on the widescreen called P.I.P (Picture In Picture).

One of the greatest features of the Spyder is it’s versatility. You can utilize cameras, video rolls, graphics or still images to make a creative and memorable experience for your attendees. When and where the effects appear on the widescreen is up to you.

Go ahead, give your next event added impact with using one of MPG’s many widescreens and Spyder!

What Comes First?


Your "VENUE"?

When selecting a venue for your event, putting your vision first can make a lot of sensor, more appropriate, it can make a lot of cents.

MPG strives to bring your vision to life from the ground up with unique staging looks and visual concepts. However, in order to do this, it’s essential to have a thorough understanding of specifications like room dimensions, ceiling and soffit height, lighting fixture considerations, rigging points, power availability, union rules and fire codes, along with many other details.

Knowing more than just the room size and occupancy charts can make all the difference. MPG will be happy to give you our "2 cents worth" when it comes to developing your vision. It’s what we do.

T. Francis Collette
President of MPG

Why Pay More?

As we all know, nothing is cheap in the hospitality world. With commissions, service charges and mark-ups, the order of the day throughout hotel and convention venues around the nation is to avoid additional investments in audiovisual services. Most, if not all, in-house A/V providers literally pay to have the rights to be an in-house or preferred vendor at a particular venue. This translates into extra costs to you, the client. It’s not uncommon to find companies that pay upwards of 50% commission to a hotel to be a preferred in-house vendor, drastically driving up the cost of services from an in-house provider and hindering their ability to offer competitive discounts. We here at MPG encourage you to say NO to higher prices. We can provide you with higher-quality service for your event at a straight, non-commissioned cost to you. We believe that total honesty and transparency with our clients helps build a working relationship toward success. Because we are able to work with any budget, we're dedicated to your event at your budget. So break the in-house cycle and let MPG provide you an outstanding event on your terms!