Don’t Wing It, Record It

Don’t Wing It, Record It

How do you effectively communicate virtually when you have an important announcement or presentation to give?  Do you just wing it and let it fly? Do you have notes or an outline? A PowerPoint to follow along? Winging it, notes, and/or a PowerPoint, and how that method of communicating can come across virtually to your audience, can be full of distractions.  We all have Zoom fatigue.  Add to it “ums”, pauses, distractions, awkward face angles, and a screen shared PowerPoint can make the experience feel like a small lifetime has gone by.  The best way to avoid those pitfalls is to record your content.   Prerecording your content in a studio setting, whether you come to it or it comes to you, is the most effective way to fully communicate important content virtually.  Recording your message allows for a clear conscience delivery for your listeners.  Plus, the PowerPoint and additional collateral can be part of the recording process, leaving you to concentrate on the message.  Working with a production team to create fully produced, high-quality, edited content will enhance your engagement value.  The finished product can be livestreamed right from the studio or recorded for later use.  Do not leave your message to chance.  Work with a professional production team in a studio setting to help you deliver your message efficiently and meaningfully.

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