Tips to Manage Your Speakers Impact

Whether it’s a keynote, breakout, or a guest speaker their content, delivery and how they interact with attendees helps set the tone and furthers your meetings message and takeaways.  Below are some key tips to take full advantage of their insight and what they can bring to the meeting table.

To help the speaker deliver their content effectively it’s best to clearly define your expectations and overall meeting goals.  Let the speaker know your audience demographic, areas of attendees expertise, and other attendee pertinent information.  Explain how their participation and talk will further push the meetings objectives forward.  Letting the speaker know what is expected and how that ties back to the overall meeting message ensures their session connects with the attendees and is received positively.

Provide the speaker with promotional collateral that they can post on their social media platforms.  This will help your meeting reach a new audience and build excitement.  Make sure to furnish them with sample social media posts that include the event hashtag along with themed graphics so the messaging is on brand.

Another way to garner speaker impact is to give written previews of what they intend to speak about and post to your event website, social media accounts and registration software landing page.  You can also edit videos that showcase their talent from a previous engagement.  Posting speaker video content to the event website and including popular blog posts or articles authored by the speaker at check in provides the attendees glimpses of what’s to come.

Incorporating the speakers Q&A, polls and other materials from their presentation into your event tech boosts their impact.  Train the speakers on your chosen event technology before the event to elevate any last minute glitches.  Share your run of show with the speakers so they know their time onstage and what elements are included in the timeframe so the event technology can be incorporated.

Giving your speakers an elevated role in your program will ensure that they are effective and on point.  This will ensure all stakeholders are getting the most out of their content .