Relationships and Anticipating Needs

Why do customers stay loyal to suppliers? Is it price? Customer service? Maybe a regular discount? While all of these are important attributes, a recent survey shows that over 50% of consumers say they expect businesses to anticipate their needs and provide meaningful suggestions before, during, and after contact. Are your needs being accurately anticipated? […]

Meeting and Exceeding Expectations – the “You First” attitude…

Top 6 Company Qualities to Deliver Successful Events Meeting and exceeding a client’s expectations are the keys to a producing a successful event. Are you receiving or displaying the “you first” attitude?  We have gathered the top SIX must-have qualities that a production team should exhibit to deliver successful events and exceed expectations. 1. Listening […]

Encouraging Communication While Masking Up

Face masks make communication tough. To read people’s emotions, you generally need to be able to see their entire face. While we are optimistic about the return to in-person meetings thanks to vaccinations, masks are not leaving our meeting space anytime soon. Large hotel and management companies have already indicated that masks will be required […]

How to Hybrid

Hybrid Event Planning Tip for Event Planners Hybrid Events are a blend of virtual and in-person audiences. The meetings can be as simple as having the presenters and a small audience in a studio setting deliver the session to a primarily virtual audience. Or having the in-person, socially distanced meeting be the broadcast center and […]

Tips to Manage Your Speakers Impact

Whether it’s a keynote, breakout, or a guest speaker their content, delivery and how they interact with attendees helps set the tone and furthers your meetings message and takeaways.  Below are some key tips to take full advantage of their insight and what they can bring to the meeting table. To help the speaker deliver […]

Planning A Virtual Sales Meeting DO’s

The beginning of each year we in production that provide event technology solutions are producing the annual Sales Kick Off Meeting for our clients. It is their springboard event to get their sales team fired up, aligned for this year’s goals, and provide training and motivation. But how do you keep attendees engaged? How do […]

Saying Thank You

Thank You – The power of two simple words.   Saying thank you – you’d think it would be a no-brainer, but it seems at times like a lost art.  Whether you’re typing or speaking, these simple words and their importance in your professional life are essential in keeping your customers brand loyal.   Your customers need […]

Projected Tribute to Bushfire Heroes on Sydney Opera House

Sydney, Australia – In the midst of the terrible bushfires that rage throughout Australia, the Sydney Opera House projected a beacon of appreciation onto their iconic structure. With the power of video mapping that the Sydney Opera House uses for awe-inspiring visual creations, a symbol of solidarity lit up the bay and gained worldwide attention. […]